อยากให้ทุกๆคนได้ขึ้นไปสัมผัส เรามีรูปสวยๆมาฝาก จากหาดเตยงาม หน่วยบัญชาการนาวิกโยธิน โดยภาพนี้ถูกถ่ายบนเขาหลังจากที่ได้เดินเท้าไปมนัสการกรมหลวงชุมพรฯ


Silver Lining


silver lining (noun)

a consoling aspect of an otherwise desperate or difficult situation; “every dark rain cloud has a silver edge or lining”; “look on the bright side of it.”

Roughly a year ago I was in Honduras doing volunteer work and taking Spanish classes for a week.  It was my fourth volunteer trip, third one to a Central American country, and was fulfilling the promise I made to myself years ago to give back to those in need.

For a place of so much beauty, there is also so much pain.

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Best. Delivery. Ever.

The Domestic Man

I’m happy to say that I have a copy of The Ancestral Table sitting on my lap as I type this! While I was at work yesterday, I got an email from my publisher that the first copy – hot off the press – was en route. As you can imagine, it was the longest workday ever.

But this post isn’t (only) about gloating that I have an early copy of the book. Serendipitously, Amazon has also updated their webpage for my book to now include theor “Look Inside!” feature, which allows you to get a glimpse of a good chunk of the book (40 pages, to be exact). So check it out, if you’re inclined, to get an idea of what you’ll get when The Ancestral Table releases on February 11th.

It may sound funny, but writing, designing, and shooting The Ancestral Table was the easy part. Now I…

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Yoshinoya Specials

Tokyobling's Blog

One of the most talked about fast food restaurants in Japan right now is Yoshinoya, a gyudon (beef and rice bowl) chain store that is practically everywhere in Japan. It is always cheap and delicious but right now they have two seasonal menu items that are pretty much extraordinary in terms of value for money, the Gyusuki and Gyuchige, a smaller version of the famous sukiyaki and a famous Korean dish. I had the Gyuchige and it was fantastic. At only 580 yen per dish it is pretty much unbeatable! For a proper sukiyaki meal you’d usually have to pay three or four times as much. If you are in Japan while these meals are still on their menu, you really must visit Yoshinoya.

But beware! Some restaurants might be sold out, and it is usually only served in the afternoon and evening after the morning and lunch…

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Featured Photo By Dennis Ramos

Photofocus (old site)

Editor’s Note: Each week we’ll be featuring members of the Photofocus community.  Part of our New Year’s resolution is to focus on new and emerging talent.  As such, Melissa Niu will personally select images from our readers and feature them here on Photofocus.


This shot was taken during our family vacation trip in Downtown Atlanta. It’s part of the downtown series I made that features some few buildings around the city.

The Westin hotel building, Peachtree Center Downtown Atlanta, Georgia USA

— Dennis Ramos


To see more of Dennis’s work go to dennisramos.pixu.com and follow him on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/DennisRamos

If you would like your photo featured, read this article.

We’re excited to feature your work to the Photofocus audience!


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